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Chinese furniture firms move to Vietnam to avoid US tariffs

Local firms are worried that the tax spotlight could be turned on them. Official statistics show a third of foreign-invested companies in Vietnam’s furniture industry are from China. Since 2015, the U.S. has imposed import tariffs on Chinese furniture including beds, nightstands and other wooden wares in an attempt to protect its domestic manufacturers from…
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US Likely to Impose Anti-dumping Taxes on Vietnam’s Wood Exports

The US government might impose an anti-dumping duty on Vietnamese wood products as export value of these items from Vietnam to the country is rising quickly, warns the Ministry of Trade. The US government has prepared all data and documents and the matter is simply when it would happen, a trade official said. The major…
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Wood processors weak in capital and market access

A seller and a buyer are seen meeting at VIFA EXPO 2016 – PHOTO: BAN CAO HAWA said up to 93% of local wood processing enterprises are small and ultra-small. Medium enterprises account for 5.5% of the total and big firms make up the remainder. Speaking to the Daily at the opening of the Vietnam…
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